“Doing anything with Bob is an adventure where you are guaranteed to learn something valuable. His programs are absolutely worth engaging in, listening to, and experimenting with." Joe Fischer, Financial Advisor.

“Bob challenges everyone he encounters (including himself) to live a life with more meaning, dignity and respect. He helps you recognize what is truly important and to honor and cherish those things." Hank Fein – Fein, Such, Kahn & Shepard, P.C.

“Since I met Bob six years ago I’ve been a devoted fan of his repertoire.  I stand in ovation to honor him and the difference he makes in the lives of so many.”  Dr. Sioux Harlan

“Bob has been a friend and business associate for 20 years.  He has the unique ability to ask distinctive questions that helps motivate and create new opportunities in a positive environment. These skills, combined with an uncanny ability to make you feel good and appreciate life, makes Bob indispensable for all who know him.”  Fred B. Rothman - Regional President, Lennar Homes

“We have known and worked with Bob for years.  His deep wisdom, love and caring offers a highly transformative experience to anyone seeking positive change in their lives.  He has been a true friend and inspiration to us both.”  Matthew & Kristina Heim – Co-Founders, Visionary Partnership, LLC

“Bob will always be a hero to me. His patient, kind and supportive Leadership style helped me finish my time with Leadership Napa Valley a much stronger, more capable person, feeling like I could take charge and move my ideas forward in a way I never did before.” Betty Rhodes – Napa community leader, 84 years young

“Bob Fioretti's passion and enthusiasm in helping individuals reach their highest potential in life and in business is inspiring.  I am proud to call him my friend, business partner and counselor.” Randy Bury - Current founder & President of RB Land Company, Past Division President Pulte Homes 

“Bob gives us a template for success and leaves it up to each of us to develop our own style. He’s inspirational, educational and fun.” Steve Johnson - Commercial airline pilot for 32 years, musician and Reiki Master 

“Bob’s gentle wisdom helped give my life perspective and direction."  Marco Vespignani, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Bob Fioretti is a man who fulfills the command of the Lord to "treat others as you would like to be treated." Bob is truly a role model for anyone willing to serve and not be served." Mike Carnevale, OFM St. Francis of Assisi Church, New York City

“Bob's creativity, energy, values and friendship have inspired me for over 30 years. He has a passion for life, love for his family and friends and takes great joy in their accomplishments. By following his heart and discovering his own success from within, he has reached fulfillment in life.  Bob teaches us all to do the same and reach our highest potential, both personally and professionally.”  Richard Woolbert – Director, Credit Suisse Private Bank 

“Less is more for Bob. He’s created an amazing life without the materialistic prizes or sought after toys.  He has a zest for life and is willing to take risks to try different life experiences. He’s comfortable with exploring the unknown.” Peter Fioretti, CEO – Mountain Funding Real Estate Group and proud brother, partner and best friend

“I’ve had the pleasure of both training Bob and being trained by Bob. He’s a great student who listens and trusts.  He also listens and trusts his students when he teaches.  He often enlightens me by offering a different non-judgmental way of looking at something.”  Kim Rasmusen – Owner, Human Performance

“Bob uses his time, talent and treasures to help change the world into a better, more noble place for this generation, and those that will follow” Marilyn Asmuth - Entrepreneur and Hospice of the Napa Valley patient care volunteer

“I have known Bob Fioretti for 25 years. He is a dynamic, energetic person whose passion for people and ideas continues to astonish me by its intensity and depth. When talking about a project he is currently involved in, Bob can only be described as enthralling.” Debra Herzog - Herzog, LLC

"Bob came into my life when I was 3. He has always been there for me and my family through our challenges and our celebrations. I have a deep respect and admiration for him and even though he’s not my “real” uncle, I feel honored to call him “Uncle Bob”. Paul Iacono - Actor, RJ Berger on MTV, Leukemia survivor and past National Youth Spokesperson for the Leukemia Society

“Bob is a visionary who has a relaxed and direct way of communicating.  His presentations at our center are always thought provoking and inspiring.”  Rev. Janet Garvey Stangvik – Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living

“Bob has a passion for developing capacity and growth both in individuals and in his community and he has a proven track record of personally walking the talk with deep commitment on both levels.”  John Glaser, Retired Superintendent, Napa Valley Unified School District; Glaser and Associates

“When I met Bob for the first time over 25 years ago, I recall immediately being impressed by his naturally positive, compassionate and energetic personality. Over the years Bob has creatively channeled these traits to navigate life’s challenges always with passion and a plan that is a model for us all.  It is always a joy and enlightening to be with him.”  Scott R. Carpenter - President & CEO, The Bachman Company

“Bob has been a gift in my life.  He is a mentor of consciousness, wisdom, and deep kindness. He awakens the power and brilliance in all of us.  He imprints joy, strength, and success onto our paths.”  Paul Kohut – Research & Development Engineer, Meyer Sound Laboratories

"We've known Bob since the 1980's when we were starting out in the restaurant business. His friendship, encouragement and advice has always been important to us.  After 25 years in the restaurant business, we still value his friendship and find being with him refreshing and inspirational. Pat & Terry Keene - Artichoke Café, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“My wife and I met Bob when he was facilitating our Leadership Napa Valley Class and went on to take his “Success” class twice.  Since then Bob has become a close and trusted friend. His wisdom, compassion, and interest in our success has benefited us through challenging times and his encouragement has contributed greatly to our lives."  Kent Kuhlmann, LPL Registered Principal - Kuhlmann Associates Financial

“Bob's total concern, care and devotion to all people makes him the leader and motivator he is. Everyone should have a Bob in their life to help them toward the achievement of their goals and dreams."  Bill Dagiantis, President Imperial Painting & Coatings Corp.

“Bob is a blessing from heaven.  He has expanded my life in more ways than I could ever dream of.”  Jackie Green – International President’s Circle, Coldwell Banker; Founder and owner of Slen' Da' Rella

Contact Bob by email at bob@fioretti.us   or by phone at (707) 227-8206 

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