What is Success Coaching?

Did you ever sit in your office, home, or car and wish you had an impartial sounding board? Someone in your life who listens to your ideas without judgment and asks thought provoking questions that support you in getting more of what you want in life? Someone who sees you for who you are and all the infinite possibilities that surround you?

What if that person was like a sports coach that cheered you on as you train for the big event called life? What if they helped identify the extra “oomph” inside of you, which at times you’ve doubted? What if they supported you in modifying or redesigning your life to be more happy, successful and balanced?

Behind all successful people is someone who mentors them, believes in them, and challenges them. Do you know that many of the truly remarkable achievers in life such as Lee Iacocca, Vince Lombardi, Eleanor Roosevelt, Dale Carnegie, Paul Newman, Anthony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Larry Bird, and Gandhi have had some type of coach or mentor in their life? They all had someone to help them discover their strengths and reach their true potential.

A coach supports you by understanding what’s most important to you by identifying your “true values,” eliminating tolerations, building a strong personal foundation, and attracting a life that is filled with passion, joy, love, fun and fulfillment.

Coaching is a profession that has synthesized the best from psychology, business, communications, mentoring, consulting, sports, transformation, philosophy, motivation, and spirituality. Coaching techniques can be applied to all aspects of life: business, career, family, relationships, finances, emotions, spirituality, and physical well being.

A coach takes the time to find out what winning in life means to you. They provide the tools, structure, and personal support for you to orient your life around your true values and purpose. A coach can support you to create a legacy that expresses your true calling and inner potential. A coach is a resource person that believes in you and can guide you to use your strengths, talents and assets. A coach asks you to do more and be more than anyone else has ever asked of you, including yourself. A coach will challenge you to live the life you have always longed for in your heart. They are your partner in the achievement of your professional and personal goals and is someone to hold you accountable to reach higher levels of satisfaction in every area of your life.

Why does coaching work? Coaching works because it centers on the most important parts of you: your needs, values, goals, and vision. A coach believes you have the answers and is trained to assist you in identifying them. It’s a partnership of equals. You, along with your coach can design a life that inspires you and the people around you. As your coach I want you to enjoy your life as it was meant to be enjoyed. You live in a challenging world and it is very easy to get off track with what is most important to you.

Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, professional, executive, young person or an individual who is ready for a higher quality of life, then coaching is for you. Coaching is not something I do to you. It's a process that we do together. Together we will determine the best way we can work together as a team to achieve the most out of life. 

Here is what you can expect from me as your coach

To respect your privacy and hold everything you say in complete confidence.
To be on time, resourceful and totally present for our session. 
To be straight and direct with you.
To not buy into your limiting beliefs.
To listen. I listen fully to what you say, and what you are not saying. 
To suggest and strategize changes.
To advise. When I fully appreciate the situation, I will share advice, ideas, comments and views in a way that you can use them.
To provide unlimited amount of love, compassion and strength.
To anticipate blocks and challenges and help you in developing strategic plans to overcome them.
To emphasize and speak to your strengths, not harp on your weaknesses. I'm here to champion you!
To challenge you. My challenge for you is for you to be successful, healthy and happy, and have a strong financial and emotional base. To enjoy your life right now . . . not after "everything works out". I will make bold requests. I want a lot for you. I will not push any agenda of any kind. I only ask for "your" best. Not to be "the best", but for you to be "your best".

Here are some things you need to be willing to do

Communicate the absolute truth about your strengths, fears, successes and failures.
Get into creative action, not just creative thinking.
Increase your personal standards.
Produce significant results without the cost of your well being.
Experiment and try new things.
Reevaluate and redesign how you spend your time.
Set much bigger goals.
Listen to your inner self.
Reassess the limiting assumptions and decisions you've made.
Eliminate tolerations that rob your energy.
Make decisions.
Take responsibility for your life.
Take extraordinary care of yourself.

Why did I become a coach?

I'm ecstatic about being in a profession that allows me to use all the resources, talents, skills, and abilities that I've accumulated and been blessed with. When you're truly living your purpose and mission, it’s a real gift! I'm grateful to be able to live my life's purpose. Hiring my coach was the best decision I ever made. It has impacted and enriched my life on every level. My personal results were the springboard in my decision to become a coach!

Contact Bob by email at bob@fioretti.us   or by phone at (707) 227-8206 
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“Successful people use coaches so that they keep pointed in the right direction. Bob asks provocative questions such that we continually redefine ourselves and our abilities as we move along the path toward greater success.”
Two-time whitewater world champion, speaker and writer

“During my military career Bob was always a positive sounding board, providing great feedback and wisdom. Now retired, and re-inventing myself, I’ve turned to Bob again for his wealth of personal experience and positive encouragement to complete my transformation to a successful civilian life. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.”
Retired Army Colonel, Owner of SBD Property Investments

“Bob is one of those unique people that can gently guide you toward a new way of understanding or thinking, and open your mind to new angles of thought. His passionate and thoughtful approach to people and projects produces immense results. He has a great gift to share.”
President, Success Strategies
“Leaders Coaching Leaders - Bob is a leader who successfully creates passion in an audience through sincere actions, building relationships and embracing transformation. He has coached me to redefine myself and my leadership abilities for greater success in all areas of my life."
Director of Strategic Services, St. Joseph Health System

“Bob is kind, loving and eternally young in spirit and attitude. He is one of life’s great dreamers who make your dreams come true through hard work, deep relationships and strategic planning. His generosity is inspiring and devotion to helping others is star spangled.”
Founder, NapaLearns
"Knowledge balanced with insight, sincerity balanced with humor are Bob's foundation when listening and speaking. He creates curiosity and questions that allow for your own self discovery and positive results. Ask him a question and I guarantee his response will cause you to think even deeper!!!"
Owner, Sioux Z Wow Sauce Co., former Director, Corporate Organization Development & Training

“Bob Fioretti speaks on a wide spectrum of topics offering his views through his passions and love of life. His success in multiple businesses along with his friendly delivery allows others to gain insight into areas often overlooked in our personal journey. His counsel with me over the past 25 years has unquestionably aided to my success both professionally and personally.”
Custom homebuilder and Life Director for the National Association of Homebuilders